Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all my momma friends out there! Wether you are a momma of one, multiples, momma to one in Heaven, fur momma, or a Grandma, you are all special! 

We didn’t do anything special for Mother’s Day, we actually worked on building a privacy fence most of the day, but just knowing it was a special day for me was enough. I know I am appreciated everyday of the year, but having this ONE special holiday where I get continuous affirmation warms my heart. It’s hard work being a momma. It doesn’t matter if you stay at home with your kids or if you work full time and your kids go to day care, it is hard in so many ways. And all of you single mommas, I give it up to you! I could not do it! If my husband isn’t home by bed time I about loose my mind some days (who am I kidding- most days ;)), I couldn’t imagine not having someone there to help out! You all deserve an applaud for doing it & doing it well! 


All of us mommas need to stick together! With the world we live in nowadays it’s hard raising a family. We have so many people judging, telling us their opinions, and telling us whether or not our kids are behaving. We don’t need it. We are all going to raise our kids different, just like each and every one of us are a different person. 

When my infant is napping I try to have alone time with my daughter and play with her, so she keeps remembering that we love her just as much as we love her brother. There’s so many times I want to correct her and say “No do it like this,” or tell her to not play a certain way, but the truth is, she’s a COMPLETELY different person than I am, and I want her to continue to grow up like that. I don’t want to change who she is just because I would do something a different way, and I don’t want other people telling me how to parent my child. 

As long as my kids are polite, respect others and elders, have compassion, and live the happiest life they can, I succeeded as a parent. 

I challenge you to set your phone down, put your computer away, and turn your tv’s off. Enjoy life with your spouse, children and mostly important by yourself. When you get caught up in today’s society, you question everything about your life and you do not need to! You are doing great momma, and your kids love you! That’s the most important thing! 

XO Courtney